Summer Art Camps 2017

Our summer camp runs one week at a time, Monday thru Friday 9am to 12pm. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

June 18-June 22  9a-12p

“Painting with Artists”

Each day we will learn about an artist from the past- Vincent Van Gogh and George Suerat to present day- Sena Runa (paper quill art), Jane Perkins (unconventional artist) what inspired them and what they did, to help inspire our own artwork using their methods.

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June 25-29,  9a-12p

“Art by Decade”

Each day we will learn about the art created within a decade, for example in 1950’s De Stijl Movement (with Geometric abstraction). We will create some of our own artwork based on the viewpoints during the time period we are exploring and bring them into our time. Mixed Media class.

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July 2-6 (no class on the 4th)  9a-12p

“All American/ Folk Art”

Each day we will discover the difference between some of our American fine artists, past or present, verses the definition of “folk art” which is more artisan and decorative than aesthetic. Mixed media class.

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July 9-13,  9a-12p

“World Art” 

Each day we will emerse ourselves in different cultures from around the world. Learn about the art from various countries and their influences, which will encourage us to experiment and create. Mixed Media class.

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