Summer Art Camps 2017

Our summer camp runs one week at a time, Monday thru Friday 9am to 12pm. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

Week 1 (June 26-June 30) 10am-1pm 

“Painting with Artists”

Monday- Monet (acrylic paint)

Tuesday- O’keefe (watercolor)

Wednesday- Warhol (construction paper and printing)

Thursday- Hundertwasser (felt and textiles)

Friday- Renoir (chalk pastels)

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Week 2 (July 3-7) 9am-12pm

“Art by Decade”

Monday- 70’s

Tuesday- 80’s

Wednesday- 90’s

Thursday- 2000’s

Friday- 2010’s

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Week 3   July 10-14   (9an-12pm)

“Drawing People and Animals”

Monday- Shapes and Shading

Tuesday- Skull/ Shading techniques (pencil and charcoal)

Wednesday- Portraits (charcoal)/ How to Draw Animals from shapes (pencil)

Thursday- Self-portraits/ How to Draw Animals (charcoal)

Friday- Animals- paint your pet or endangered animal (paint)

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Week 4   (July 17-21)  9am-12pm

“World Art” 

Monday- African cloths (felt and textiles)

Tuesday- Egyptian amulets (clay)

Wednesday- Arabian mosaics (construction paper)

Thursday- Celtic Brooches (mixed media)

Friday- Chinese calligraphy (paint and paper)

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Week 5  (July 24-28)  9am-12pm

“By Land or By Sea”

Monday- flat surfaces, shapes and shading prospective (drawing)

Tuesday- Land by Seasons (watercolor)

Wednesday- Land by Seasons (colored pencil)

Thursday- Seascapes (chalk pastels)

Friday- Land and Sea (acrylic)

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